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Linha do tempo com os fatos mais marcantes da nossa história

1993 Business Founded Released to the market the first Alunimum Pedal Set and Shift knobs
1994 Release of new products A new series of products are introduced, including the seat belt harness
1995 We reached the Racing Tracks "T" Shift knob  is released excusively to Drag Racing vehicles
1998 First time participation at the Sao Paulo Auto Show Release of the SSR Sportive steering wheel
2000 Under New Management, begins the "design era" Total remodeling of the product line / release of the Racing Seats
2003 Introduction of the new line: Shuttuner New Premium Line is introduced
2005 New Building / Introduction of the SHUTTRacing line Racing line of products / Release of  the FIA Homologated Racing Suits
2007 Expansion to the US Market, First time Exhibitors at the World’s  Largest Auto accessories show: Sema  Release of the VX-4 steering wheel, won awards  at the Sema Show in Las Vegas, NV
2008 5th Participation at the Sao Paulo Auto Show Release of new line of Sub Woofers and car-Alarms
2010 New Products Developed Release of  Green Power ZX-1 Steering wheels with Ultrasuede